Prolec's pcX-3D machine guidance system used in the construction of freshwater banks in Hanöversand.


MEB Meyer Erdbau were contracted by EADS Airbus to construct new freshwater banks at their grounds in Hanöversand. The banks were needed to reduce the environmental impact of the new factory they were building at the site. To achieve the client’s high demands for performance and accuracy, the contractor decided to equip three excavators with GPS machine guidance systems.

After close evaluation of all the available systems on the market, they decided to use Prolec's pcX-3D system with a third party's RTK GPS solution. The ability to use their choice of GPS proved to be an important factor in the decision making process.

There were a number of other features the contractor considered important. Foremost was the ability to easily customise the display to their requirements. This system provided the option to display up to four split screens alongside a number of visual indicators. Another factor was the robustness and accuracy of Prolec’s marine grade sensors - something which could not be matched by other suppliers.


Prolec supplied pcX-3D machine guidance systems, with marine grade AS8 sensors and dual antenna RTK GPS.

MEB Meyer Erdbau

Benefits delivered:

  • Robustness of Prolec’s AS8 marine grade sensors which, with an accuracy of 0.09°, was something other suppliers could not match and ensured Meyer achieved maximum up-time
  • Ability and ease for the operator to customise the display to their requirement - Able to use up to four split screens plus a number of visual indicators such as auto bucket zoom, rainbow bucket and external LED, allowing the precise monitoring of activities
  • Achieved client’s high demands for performance and accuracy

Download the Freshwater banks case study.