JFD was able to host the test and demonstration at its National Hyperbaric centre, using the 900,000 litre steel dive tank, yard and office facilities.

The requirement 

James Fisher Offshore (JFO) needed to be able to test and demonstrate their innovative cutting tool, Internal Cut and Lift Technology (ICLT), in a controlled and safe water environment. 

The solution and outcome 
  • In advance of the test and demonstration, JFD technicians drained the test tank and installed underwater cameras inside enabling JFO to film their tool cutting pipe underwater.
  • JFD set up the boardroom onsite, which overlooks the dive tank, for JFO and clients to use during the trial. This included a live feed of images from the underwater cameras displayed to the screen in the boardroom so they could view the demonstration in real time. 
  • A crane was hired to support the lifting of the tool and equipment in and out of the tank during both the dummy run and live demonstration. 
  • JFO used the yard beside the tank not only for their equipment, which was supporting the test, but also as a lay down area for the cut pipe to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool to the client.
  • The test and demonstration was very successful and it enabled JFO to exhibit the effectiveness of their cutting and lifting tool in one location both safely and efficiently. 
  • JFO’s clients were able to witness in real time how the tool worked and also see up close the end results of the cutting technology.
Dive tank