James Fisher Renouvelables (formerly Mojo Maritime) was selected by the French transmission grid operator Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE), to identify unexploded ordnance (UXO) along the export cable routes for the Fécamp offshore wind project.

The 18km export cable sits at depths between 5m and 35m and provides the electricity transmission connection for the 71-turbine offshore wind project, which is located 13km to 22km off the north-west coast of France.

The challenge

  • In preparation for laying the cable, RTE contracted James Fisher Renouvelables to identify and investigate potential UXO along the length of the cable’s planned routes, allowing confirmed targets to be disposed of by the French Navy in line with regional legislation.


The solution

  • The contract was overseen by James Fisher Renouvelables, the French Division of James Fisher Renewables, following the successful completion of a similar UXO identification campaign for RTE last summer.
  • This was conducted as part of the grid connection of the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind project off the west coast of France.


The results and benefits

  • Any potential UXO along the planned routes was identified by James Fisher Renouvelables’ team of experts allowing for disposal to take place prior to laying the length of export cable.
  • James Fisher Renouvelables’ wealth of experience in performing unique potential UXO target identification was utilised to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of the project.