Energy has always been at the heart of James Fisher’s activities.

James Fisher promotes energy mix growth by providing an array of services to the oil and gas sector, and introducing innovative solutions to the expanding renewables sector.

The evolving energy mix and transition to a carbon neutral economy is creating unparalleled opportunities. Our well-established and fast-developing services support the growth of renewable energy and we continue to provide environmentally responsible products and services, with high standards of safety and quality, that support our oil and gas customers.

We are well positioned in these fast-emerging sectors, where James Fisher can combine its traditional oil and gas-oriented subsea capabilities with newer, renewable-energy specific solutions, such as the installation, monitoring and management of high voltage cabling in offshore wind, and the provision of bubble curtains that protect sea life from the noise impact of pile-driving during the construction of offshore wind farms.

MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd approached Scotload to deliver a solution that protects on-board assets and personnel.

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy

Throughout its history, we have actively responded to, and helped advance shifts in energy systems, transitioning to and helping to harness new forms of energy.

Our activities are inextricably linked to the environmental considerations related to climate change and the energy transition and we’re committed to playing a responsible role in this rapidly developing sector by increasing the coordination of our activities to have a net positive impact on the environment and champion a low-carbon economy.

James Fisher is a global supplier of trusted engineering services across the industries we serve, with an unrivalled ability to develop innovative solutions that meet the constantly developing needs of our customers operating in challenging environments.
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Supporting the advance of energy transitions since 1847

Find out how James Fisher has actively responded to, and helped advance shifts in energy systems throughout its history.