James Fisher Renewables, has won three multi-million pound 13-15-year contracts supplying specialist operations and maintenance (O&M) services to support informed decision-making for offshore transmission asset owners (OFTOs) at Thanet, Gwynt-y-Môr and Humber. 

The contracts will be performed by JF Renewables’ specialist high voltage business EDS HV Group (EDS) for BBEC (Balfour Beatty Equitix Consortium), leading investors and long-term fund managers of core infrastructure assets. The addition of three further transmission infrastructure sites further expands EDS’ asset management portfolio with the customer benefiting from the combination of significant project management experience implemented by a highly trained, multi-skilled team. 

Transmission infrastructure owners can find that unaddressed underlying problems can often result in an unplanned outage that reduces transmission capacity necessitating an emergency response at short notice with commercial consequences. EDS’ unique approach allows them to focus the annual operating charge and focus on critical assets that require attention, allowing them to flex in-line with the natural deterioration that occurs in all assets over time. 

The agreement will see EDS provide enhanced O&M services for the offshore assets, ensuring safety of the system in-line with HV safety rules and the maintenance of HV transmission assets, alongside the integration of provisions for heating and ventilation systems, fire suppression, lifesaving equipment and corrosion inspections. Building on its honest, transparent maintenance philosophy, this partnership represents the next step towards full turnkey O&M solutions, delivered to fortify the safe and sustainable growth of the offshore wind industry. 

Our flexible approach to contract maintenance, combined with our expertise in delivering on complex projects, is what sets us apart when it comes to our maintenance philosophy, and we are thrilled to be able to continue rolling this out with BBEC.

Jonathan Ball, head of OFTO projects, EDS,
James Fisher and sons plc windmill

The combination of EDS and JF Renewables enables us to offer a much broader suite of services bolstered by our multi-skilled team. Paired with the introduction of remote technology, such as condition monitoring tools that offset in-person requirements, we can operate leaner without compromising on safety or cost. This win represents the next step in our journey to being a complete end-to-end O&M service provider, and we are excited to be continuing our relationship with Equitix, through this contract with BBEC

Wayne Mulhall, managing director, JF Renewables

This follows the 15-year contract awarded in 2019 to provide operations and maintenance services on OFTO assets at Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm.

JF Renewables is supporting the transition to renewable energy by assisting owners of offshore wind generating assets to achieve the optimum return on their investment with EDS having a proven track record in maximising network availability. This combination of skills, know-how and capability enables EDS to ensure that the maximum available amount of electricity can be generated and transmitted reliably to homes and businesses when there is sufficient wind available.