JFD was commissioned to test a submarine hull at their National Hyperbaric Centre in Aberdeen, UK.

Due to the length of the submarine hull, the work chamber door had to be removed by their gantry crane then refitted once the submarine was inside the work chamber.

The full 300cm (internal diameter) x 800cm (internal length) and 63m2 volume of the chamber was used in the test with only cm’s to spare from the end of the submarine and internal wall. 

JFD used a 100 Tonne mobile crane to offload the submarine from the client trailer on arrival, load onto their trolley and into the chamber where it was strapped down to overcome the buoyancy. The chamber was then filled with water and the pressure test conducted on the submarine to give our client confidence that their equipment could withstand the pressures it would be subjected to in regular operations, all within a safe and controlled environment. 

Following the successful pressure test on the submarine it was removed from the chamber, loaded back on the trailer and transported back to the client. JFD were then able to re-install the work chamber door.