Prolec’s pcX-3D systems are used in large dredging operations to profile and trim slopes and to dredge new port entrance channels for example. 

Prolec was chosen to supply its pcX-3D system to Dredging International for use at various locations in Europe, the Middle East and Belgium. The systems have been employed on projects that include profiling slopes at a new lock in Aspet, dredging a new entrance channel for the port of Ostend (Belgium’s largest passenger ferry terminal) and slope trimming at Kruibeke.

The systems have also been used during dredging operations at Zandvliet and Berendrecht locks, which are the largest in the world. Dredging International sees the ability of Prolec to respond rapidly to their changing needs and this was a major factor in choosing pcX-3D for these types of projects. They also state that Prolec’s marine grade AS8 angle sensors are important when considering systems to be used in a marine environment.


Dredging International uses Prolec's pcX-3D system for projects including profiling slopes in Aspet, dredging a new entrance channel for the port of Ostend in Belgium and slope trimming at Kruibeke.

Dredging International

Services provided:

  • Supply of pcX-3D system
  • Use of Prolec's marine AS8 sensors

Benefits delivered:

  • Use of multi-screen views (up to 4)
  • The ability to compare the 'as built' to the design in real-time alongside the fully rendered 3D topography
  • Complete control is retained over dredging operations at all times
  • System rapidly responds to changing situations and requirements

Download the Port and lock maintenance: worldwide support case study.