James Fisher supplied cross trained personnel to the LINCS offshore wind farm to provide services above and below the surface. 

Osiris (now part of James Fisher Subtech) carried out the installation of extension units onto existing J-tubes using rigging and lifting skills. The units were lifted from the surface using a jack-up barge, which included a launch and recovery system (LARS). 

Osiris’s divers were required to carry out the installation with the use of hydraulic tooling in order to tighten the Brattberg seals so as to ensure positioning was within acceptable tolerances.  

Further diving skills were required to carry out inspection of scour protection, removal of marine growth from the installed monopiles and re-application of any corrosion protection. Osiris was able to provide tower access teams to support work being carried out in confined spaces. 

Services provided: 

  • J-tube extension installation 
  • General diving support 
  • Tower access 
  • Scour protection inspection 
  • Monopile cleaning 


Download the Personnel supply to LINCS offshore wind farm case study.