Strainstall provides an instrumentation and monitoring service for offshore pedestal mounted cranes, which satisfies the safe working load testing requirements of API Spec C, 7th edition. 

The API 2C Spec, 7th edition is an international standard which covers all offshore crane applications. Its purpose is to provide definitive technical guidance and unambiguous design rules to ensure cranes are designed to operate safely in challenging offshore environments. It recommends that new cranes shall be tested to between 1.1 and 1.3 times the safe working load for fixed structures and up to 2 times the safe working load for floating platforms, in order to verify the design. 

Service provided: 

  • Full load testing instrumentation and monitoring service 
  • Provision and installation of strain gauges (rosettes and linear) and temperature sensors 
  • Hire of data acquisition system to accommodate all sensor channels and to provide real-time data display and storage of data for subsequent reporting 
  • Monitoring during load test, with real-time intervention in the event of structural problems 
  • Data analysis and reporting 

Features and benefits: 

  • Data acquisition system provides real-time data and storage for later analysis 
  • Project success in Malaysia and Singapore 
  • Monitoring expertise from a world-leading load measurement and monitoring company 


For more information on a recent project in Malaysia, download the load testing of offshore pedestal mounted cranes case study.