Belgian dredging contractor Dredging International (via joint venture EDI), was first supplied a pcX-3D system for a harbour decontamination project in Castletownbere, Ireland.

The company has subsequently gone on to be the largest user of the highly advanced pcX-3D. 

The entire €9.5 million project involved the dredging of approximately 95,000 metres³ of sediment and the blasting of 15,000 metres³ of rock. PcX-3D was deployed because the dredging works were complicated by the presence of the now banned anti-fouling agent Tributyltin (TBT). 

Over 34,000 metres³ of sediment was contaminated by TBT from depths of 750mm to 2,000mm. PcX-30 was installed on a long reach CAT375 fitted with an EGO bucket and when combined with RTK GPS was capable of achieving theoretical accuracies of better than 50mm. 


The pcX-3D machine guidance system uses precision sensors to monitor the position of the bucket or blade to 
give precise digging control. 


Dredging International 

Benefits delivered: 

  • Correct first time task completion, no need to rework 
  • Up to 90% reduction in the cost of staking out job sites 
  • PcX-3D's speed of response, which removes lag and phasing issues between the machinery and the screen, optimises system accuracy 
  • Unique graphic handling capabilities mean users can create almost any shape they can design 


Download the Harbour decontamination with Prolec system case study.