In early 2013, Fendercare Marine provided specialist liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship-to-ship (STS) support services in the Eastern Mediterranean. These operations were the first for two of the world's gas majors.


Services provided: 

  • STS services including full coordination, jumbo fenders, support craft, two LNG STS mooring masters and STS rigger 
  • Project specific fender mooring equipment with configuration in line with the ship’s mooring arrangements 
  • A pool of LNG STS mooring masters to assist with simulator training of the ship’s crew and tug operators 
  • Supply and management of dedicated tugs to assist with berthing and provide guard duties 

Benefits delivered: 

  • Secured local permissions to conduct operations 1.5 miles from shore for maximum weather operability 
  • Position included a zone excluding other vessels to enter during operations which was vetted and approved by clients 
  • Facilitated a simulator course in the UK, so that the mooring plan could accommodate the results from each berthing scenario 
  • Instrumental in investigating suitable project tugs during lack of port tug availability 
  • Negotiated special customs and clearance fees to allow the outside tugs port entry.

Download the LNG STS case study