Osiris (now part of James Fisher Subsea) mobilised the DP1 barge, the Atlantis, with a full survey, ROV, diving, cable repair spread and mass flow excavation tool.

EirGrid’s East West Interconnector Project (EWIP) concerned the installation of the electricity link between Ireland and Britain. The project involved the installation of two high voltage direct current (HVDC) and one fibre optic cables 186kms along the Irish Sea bed. The project aims to secure energy for the future and to giving Ireland’s expanding wind power networks the opportunity to export energy to the UK. 

Osiris’s remedial work scope consisted of de-burying and repairing the fibre optic cable at two points and installing 94 subsea mattresses at different points along the entire cable route. 

Alexander Bornemann, project manager from NSW, said of the project, "Taking all the challenges caused by the seabed and weather conditions during the execution of work into account, NSW made the right selection of subcontractor. Osiris Marine Services convinced by high performance and flexibility on site conditions as well as nicely maintained and up-to-date equipment." 

Services provided: 

  • Cable installation 
  • Cable deburial and repair 
  • Subsea mattress installation 


Download the East West Interconnector Project: mobilising the DP1 barge case study.