Dolwin 1 Alpha required the de-burial and recovery of export cables with the use of a mass flow excavator (MFE) in the summer of 2013.

Osiris Marine Services (now part of James Fisher Subsea) worked within close proximity of the cable vessel to support operations. Showcasing Osiris’s ability to work on large projects within the renewables industry, this venture strengthened its knowledge of cable handling and de-burial operations. 

Utilising a DP2 vessel, the team successfully carried out cable excavation using Reef Subsea’s T4000 tool, as well as an R2 Sonic 2024 echosounder multibeam and processors. 

Services provided: 

  • Mass flow excavation 
  • Multibeam survey 
  • Cable tone generation 
  • Cable installation support 


Download the Dolwin 1 Alpha offshore wind farm case study.