The DTL is part of our Submarine Rescue and Diving Recompression System (SRDRS) for Oceaneering.

The DTL is at the hub of our SRDRS. The rescue vehicle, upon return to the SRDRS, mates to the pressurised, flexible manway on the DTL allowing the submariners to transfer to one of the recompression chambers which forms part of the SRDRS. Oceaneering, for the US Navy, is the main build sub-contractor for the supply of deck transfer locks within SRDRS (Submarine Rescue and Diving Recompression Systems).

Divex’s extensive experience with saturation systems, launch and recovery, and decompression chambers made them the ideal choice. Having provided navies around the world with submarine escape systems, Divex (now part of JFD) has a proven track record in this field.

Services provided:

  • Build and delivery of the DTL engineering support, quality assurance and project control
  • Certified cleaning processes, certification and material control.

Download the DTL case study.