Ice Breaking Emergency Evacuation Vessel (IBEEV) is currently used in one of the world's largest offshore natural gas developments.

Divex (now part of JFD) won several significant contracts to design, manufacture and supply their breathing air system (BAS) and combustion air system (CAS) equipment for IBEEV (Ice Breaking Emergency Evacuation Vessel) rescue vehicles. Also providing shipyard liaison, consultancy and attendance at the final commissioning and sea trials.

Contract for breathing air systems (BAS) and combustion air system (CAS) technology for onboard IBEEV emergency ice breaking evacuation vessel.



Services provided:

  • Design, manufacture and installation of ship’s engine air supply systems
  • Design and supply of personal scrubbers for evacuees

Benefits delivered:

  • BAS allows for six hour control of evacuee compartment environmental atmosphere
  • CAS allows IBEEV to operate safely including during shallow water ice-breaking within toxic-hydrocarbon environment by using independent air supply

Download the IBEEV (Ice Breaking Emergency Evacuation Vessel) case study.