Why top talent is important

James Fisher's employees are our most important assets. United by a common purpose and shared valued behaviours, their talents, energy and dedication enable us to create value for all our stakeholders.

With James Fisher operations spread across six continents, our people are geographically dispersed and represent a multitude of cultures.

While our decentralised and entrepreneurial culture ensures our businesses develop more intimate customer relationships and adapt readily to changes in the markets, regions, and communities where we operate, there is a risk that employees become disconnected from the group’s leadership and overarching vision. Therefore, we must focus on building a healthy and engaging work environment, prioritising our employees’ wellbeing, career, and personal development to ensure that we get the best out of them and that their efforts are in line with the group’s growth priorities.



Employee Engagement Mean (Gallup) 3.6 (5-point scale) 3.86 (5-point scale) 3.95 (5-point scale)
Employee retention rate 78.1% 86% 88%

How we will deliver against targets

We will focus our continued efforts on driving improvements in talent management by:

  1. Applying a top-down approach - leading by example
  2. Engaging and communicating consistently
  3. Upgrading internal learning programmes

Apply top-down approach

We believe that managers must lead by example and be strong advocates for our talent initiatives to be successful. Therefore, we will systematically develop and roll out training to educate, raise awareness, empower, sensitise and coach leaders across the organisation.

We will reinforce the importance of healthy team relationships and intervene when people are struggling.

Cameron And ROV Techician, Daron Larcombe Rewiring And Testing Seaeye Falcon ROV For A Brazil Project

Engage and communicate consistently

To deliver our goal of having an engaged, connected and committed workforce, we are in the process of restructuring and curating our communication and training campaigns, built around the HR business partners, engagement champions, and wellbeing champions.

These campaigns will include:

  • Monthly lunch and learns to deep-dive on pertinent topics including health, wellbeing, career, leadership and community engagement
  • Online training workshops, webinars, newsletters and videos

We aim to monitor and measure the success of our engagement initiatives by conducting an engagement survey every six months. Analysis of results will enable us to adapt improvement plans in alignment with our objectives and to set clear targets against which our performance will be consistently measured.

James Fisher upgrading internal learning programmes

Upgrade internal learning programmes

An integral part of talent management is learning and development. At James Fisher, our ambition is to create a transformative culture of learning, to engage and empower our employees, and to continuously improve their proficiency.

We are evaluating various learning programmes and talent support mechanisms we believe will help to build top talent:

  • Mentoring programme: More senior employees providing career guidance to mentees
  • Shadowing programme: Employees shadowing colleagues in desired roles to learn what is entailed and what skills are required for success
  • Career development toolkit: Help employees own, design and drive their career progress
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People pillar

At James Fisher, we have a responsibility to our people, our customers and those in the communities where we operate. Find out more about our commitments to our people.