Why equity, diversity and inclusion is important

James Fisher operates in ~25 countries across the world, in complex, high-risk, historically male-dominated fields. In alignment with our values, we believe that equity, diversity and inclusion are critical to how we operate.

Our mission is to cultivate a working environment where everyone knows they belong, where our people are comfortable with sharing their perspectives and experiences without fear of recrimination, uniqueness is embraced, and equal pay and access to opportunity exist for people of all backgrounds, personalities and abilities. With a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment, we are better able to harness the wealth of ideas that will drive our success.

Our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion extends beyond our own workforce. We aim to benefit and positively influence the communities where we live and work through proactive engagement, employing local people, contributing to local economies, and investing in local supply chains.



KPI 2023 2022 BASELINE (2021)
% Female employees as a proportion of total employees 23% 22% 23%

Progress on diversity and inclusion in 2023

Activities during 2023 included: 

  • the implementation of additional 'Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at James Fisher' learning module as part of our training for all employees
  • the ED&I Working Group collaborating with the Communities Working Group on a STEM engagement programme which will be developed throughout 2024-25

ED&I webinars held to prompt discussions and gain input on where to focus:

ED&I webinars hosted by Working Voices, a training and consultancy company specialising in interpersonal communication and leadership skills, were held in 2023 to prompt discussion and gain input on where to focus.

There is a clear appetite for additional knowledge, learning and support in this area. This will be our primary focus in 2024 with metrics remaining focused on gender diversity.

Key findings from our annual ED&I survey 2023

  • There has been an improvement in the representation of women leaders. Whilst this progress is an achievement, we plan further research to understand the new gaps emerging between how men and women leaders experience the workplace
  • Once in role, our people experience the workplace through the lens of their line manager - at least 70 percent of the variance between team engagement is explained locally. We plan to further equip our managers to "see, hear and develop" employees to prevent gaps emerging between men and women through our aspiring and developing managers programmes and managers guidance in relation to leveraging our sustainability credentials with potential, new and upcoming talent
  • The risk is that women leaders are more likely to leave if they do not feel included and/or that their experience is quitable to others in similar roles
  • Both our Energy and Maritime Transport Divisions are leading the way with employees feeling comfortable with being themselves at work and feeling that everyone is treated fairly. Defence also have better gender diversity in parts of the Division which provides good foundations to build on
  • Our operations in Norway and Sweden are excelling with 75th percentile rating with employees feeling comfortable being themselves at work, with Brazil, UAE and the UK close behind

Assessing our survey response rates and survey outputs with low representation, is a priority in 2024.

Gender Diversity Data

  Men   Women  
Board of Directors1 4 50% 4 50%
Senior Managers 55 86% 9 14%
Employees 1,506 76% 463 24%
Total employees 1,565 77% 476 23%

1. The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer are members of both the Board and Executive Committee and are counted once in the Board category

2. "Senior Managers" is defined in section 414C (9) and 414C (10)(b) of the Companies Act 2006 and, accordingly, the disclosure comprises the Executive Committee members and the Directors of the all the subsidiaries of the Company.

How we will deliver against targets

We will focus our continued efforts on driving an inclusive and diverse work environment by:

  1. Scaling up recruitment efforts
  2. Reinforcing internal processes
  3. Extending diversity and inclusion training
  4. Centralising coordination of local community efforts

Reinforce internal processes

As we revise and communicate our culture statement, including our equality, diversity and inclusion policies and principles in alignment with the sustainability agenda, and work to set clear gender- and ethnicity-related targets, we will also update our recruitment processes to deliver our stated objectives. We must ensure that our recruitment partners share our values and support our efforts to increase our talent pool across the spectrum of human demographic differences – gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, and physical ability. We must also sensitise interviewers, internal and external, about their conscious and unconscious biases, to ensure that prospects that do not fit with preconceived notions of what an ideal employee might be are not adversely impacted.

In compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulations, we aim to expand the list of employee information requirements to include other demographic differences – sexual orientation, physical disability, and religion. We will continue to review and update our monitoring and tracking processes to ensure transparency and accuracy.

ScanTech Offshore employee wearing a James Fisher Nigeria hard hat

Extend diversity and inclusion training

We aim to extend our diversity and inclusion leadership training to all aspiring managers and are exploring options for non-manager training, to better inform and empower the remainder of our employee pool.

One James Fisher Community Hub

The One James Fisher Community Hub launched in 2023 with an aim to motivate our employees through sustainability engagement, recognition and participation both internally and with our local communities - providing every employee with the information to contribute and make a difference. Hosted by the Group sustainability intranet site, the foundations are in place for connecting our people across the Group while informing on our sustainability performance both at Group and Product Line level. We aim to expand on this in 2024 to include an employee forum for which we are exploring various options.

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People pillar

At James Fisher, we have a responsibility to our people, our customers and those in the communities where we operate. Find out more about our commitments to our people.