Why health, safety and security is important

We work in challenging, high-risk environments to solve complex problems. Protecting our people, the people who work with us and those impacted by our activities is vital.

We want people to return to their homes, families, and friends every day and safely. This is the inspiration for our “goal zero” incidents vision. To embed the right mindset and realise this vision, we will invest our efforts in three areas: policy development, education, and engagement.

The Group’s health, safety and security priorities, objectives, and performance monitoring are coordinated and governed by:

  • The Health and Safety Committee: Chaired by the CEO and comprising the executive team, the committee has oversight and conducts quarterly reviews of the Group’s health, safety and security performance

  • The Safety Forum: Comprising the health and safety leaders from each Product Line, the forum is responsible for providing updates on health, safety and security issues and events, sharing best practices, and advising the health and safety committee on Groupwide initiatives to improve performance

Through the efforts of the Health and Safety Committee and the Safety Forum, we will empower our people to prioritise their own health, safety and security, ensure the safety and security of assets we own and / or control, and engage with customers, suppliers, and other partners to align them with our policies, standards, processes, and values.


KPI 2024 Target 2023 2022 2021 BASELINE
Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF)* 0.44 0.98 0.51 2.6
Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)** 2.09 3.30 2.65 7.4

* LTIF = (Number of lost time injuries x 1,000,000)/(Total hours worked)

** TRIFR = ((Fatality + Lost Time Injury + Restricted Work Day Case + Medical Treatment Case) x 1,000,000)/ (Hours Worked)

Progress on health and safety in 2023

In 2023, we launched Exceptional Safety which raises the profile of safety across the Group and provides a unified approach whereby we are all:

  • Responsible for safety
  • Empowered to speak up, stop the job and champion safety

We provided a new look, feel and tone of voice for Exceptional Safety to create more impact. Managers were provided with briefing packs, videos and animations to help them engage with their teams and to keep safety at the top of the agenda.

In 2023, we also appointed a Head of Group HSEQ to provide a unified approach to safety.

Exceptional Safety runs alongside the roll out of the James Fisher Life-Saving Rules based on the industry leading practices to provide our employees with the knowledge and tools to help keep everyone safe. 73 percent of employees have been trained and this will become part of compliance training going forward.

In the recent employee engagement survey, the three safety questions ranked highly. The question 'safety is often talked about in my workplace' ranked highest at 4.40.

The focus on safety may not have delivered the improvements we were looking for, but we remain committed to maintaining safety at the forefront of everything we do and intend to launch a Safety Culture Survey for all employees in 2024 to inform future activity.

The launch of a new electronic HSEQ systems for Incident Management and Reporting including hazard observation is a major milestone. The system is designed to help us quickly identify any issues or trends and respond effectively and will be an important tool to help improve safety for everyone working for James Fisher.

We are committed to having a zero-fatality workplace, and we are proud to report zero fatalities in 2023.

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