Why health, safety and security is important

We work in challenging, high-risk environments to solve complex problems. Protecting our people, the people who work with us and those impacted by our activities is vital.

We want people to return to their homes, families, and friends every day and safely. This is the inspiration for our “goal zero” incidents vision. To embed the right mindset and realise this vision, we will invest our efforts in three areas: policy development, education, and engagement.

The Group’s health, safety and security priorities, objectives, and performance monitoring are coordinated and governed by:

  • The health and safety committee: Chaired by the CEO and comprising the executive team, the committee has oversight and conducts quarterly reviews of the Group’s health, safety and security performance

  • The safety forum: Comprising the health and safety leaders from each operating company, the forum is responsible for providing updates on health, safety and security issues and events, sharing best practices, and advising the health and safety committee on Groupwide initiatives to improve performance

Through the efforts of the health and safety committee and the safety forum, we will empower our people to prioritise their own health, safety and security, ensure the safety and security of assets we own and / or control, and engage with customers, suppliers, and other partners to align them with our policies, standards, processes, and values.


Number of fatalities 0 0 YoY
Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF)* 2.6 During 2022, we will set clear targets, with the aim to report in 2023
Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR)** 7.4

* LTIF = (Number of lost time injuries x 1,000,000)/(Total hours worked)

** TRIFR = ((Fatality + Lost Time Injury + Restricted Work Day Case + Medical Treatment Case) x 1,000,000)/ (Hours Worked)

Progress on health, safety and security in 2021

During 2021, we focused our efforts on implementing and driving change across two key themes:

  1. Engagement and empowerment
  2. Process and improvement

Engagement and empowerment

We continued to engage and empower all our employees, emphasising the responsibility and authority they have to intervene where individuals and assets may be at risk and to stop any job where the standards of health, safety and security are compromised. We executed several internal campaigns and initiatives such as the 'Health and Safety Hints and Tips' intranet page, where health and safety best practice from around the Group is regularly updated. We also ensured that health, safety and security priorities were affirmed in leadership townhalls throughout the year.

Increased participation from the managing directors of operating companies in the safety forum has increased its effectiveness. Through proactive engagement and communication, best practices, learnings, knowledge-sharing, and ideas were cross-pollinated across the Group, driving performance improvement towards our ‘goal zero incidents’ vision.

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Process and improvement

We aligned on a consistent approach to root cause analysis, with the goal to identify and understand the underlying or systemic causes of incidents, rather than staying focused on the generalised or immediate cause. This ensures that our incident resolution approach and corresponding recommendations address the incident root cause, to prevent reoccurrence.

The “5 Whys” technique is a tool that has been deployed for this purpose. The technique involves asking ‘“why?” several times over, each question forming the basis of the next until a root cause is identified.

The 5 whys

How we will deliver against targets

During 2022, we aim to deploy a centralised, cloud-based health, safety and security reporting tool that will enable continuous reporting of individual operating company performance data and the monitoring of consolidated Group information. We will explore opportunities where digital applications and solutions can improve efficiencies and continue to upgrade reporting, management, and monitoring systems across the Group where necessary.

We will ensure that the relevant policies, including the Health, Safety and Security policy, are aligned with our sustainability priorities and continue to educate, inform, and engage employees, customers, suppliers and other industry partners on safety matters.

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