Strainstall participates in transfer vessel motion monitoring trial at UK offshore wind farm on board Tidal Transit’s ‘Eden Rose’.

Strainstall’s new Vessel Motion Monitoring System (VMMS)™ provides accurate motion and impact load monitoring with data logging capability. As such, it significantly improves safety levels during personnel and equipment transfer operations involving offshore installations such as wind turbines. Crucially, VMMS™ enables transfers to take place safely during a significantly increased operational window as support vessel masters can monitor all motion parameters rather than relying on significant wave height as the main limiting factor.

In addition to its role in transfer operations, VMMS™ can also be used as a dedicated health and safety tool enabling the collection and logging of data for statistical purposes and for accident investigations.

VMMS™ is part of a comprehensive modular package and is just one of the modular systems that comprises Strainstall's Offshore Wind Management System (OWMS)™.


Strainstall's VMMS™ is now undergoing trials on board Tidal Transit’s ‘Eden Rose’ during normal operations off the UK’s east coast.

Benefits delivered:

  • Increases safety and operational efficiency during personnel and equipment transfer manoeuvres 
  • Motion trend displays can be used by the vessel’s master to monitor and quantify its motions, enabling more effective changes in course and speed
  • Displays can be used to monitor heave levels and provide warning to the master when pre-set danger limits are about to be reached


Download the VMMS™ Eden Rose monitoring trial case study