James Fisher Defence, now part of JFD, designs and manufactures transfer under pressure interface for Swedish Navy.

The transfer under pressure (TUP) interface delivered to the Swedish Navy by James Fisher Defence allows the NATO submarine rescue vehicle to interface directly with the hyperbaric system on-board HSwMS Belos. Prior to delivery, it was not possible to carry out critical TUP operations between the two systems.  

Using the interface, rescuees may be safely transferred from the NATO rescue vehicle directly into Belos’s hyperbaric complex, at a constant pressure, for decompression treatment.  

The interface provides the Swedish Navy with added flexibility during periods of maintenance on the country’s indigenous rescue vehicle, URF. During such times, through cross-country agreements, the air-portable NATO system can be on standby to support Belos in responding to a Swedish Navy submarine in distress.  

James Fisher Defence has a long operational history with the Swedish Navy. It has previously provided similar TUP equipment allowing Belos to interface with the LR5 submarine rescue vehicle for example. For both LR5 and NATO vehicles, James Fisher Defence delivered mechanical interface adapters to allow them to be launched and recovered using Belos’s on-board launch and recovery system (LARS). Finally, JFD provided the interfaces between Belos’s deck trolley and both vehicles.  

In the United States, James Fisher Defence's sister-company Divex delivered the pressurised flexible manways (PFM) interfacing the hyperbaric systems of the rescue system 'SRDRS'. 

JFD designs and manufactures a transfer under pressure (TUP) interface adapter, allowing the NATO submarine rescue vehicle to operate with HSWmS Belos’s on-board hyperbaric system. 


Royal Swedish Navy 

Services provided:

  • Initial survey
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Trials and commissioning
  • Certification

Benefits delivered:

  • Allows pressurised transfer between NSRS and Belos’s on-board hyperbaric system
  • Provides Swedish Navy with added flexibility during periods of maintenance on the country’s indigenous submarine rescue vehicle, URF
  • Provides an additional mothership from which the NATO submarine rescue vehicle can operate

Download the Transfer under pressure interface for Swedish Navy case study.

Strainstall Malaysia, part of James Fisher Testing Services, was commissioned to devise and implement a test methodology to measure the deflection of a road bridge.

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