Towards the end of 2012, RMSpumptools were awarded a lucrative contract for the Papa Terra wellhead connector systems.

Having been supplied for many years in the global market, the connectors utilise a design unique to RMSpumptools.
The Papa Terra field itself is a heavy crude oil field and lies at a water depth of 1,190 metres in Block BC-20 of the Campos Basin, 110km offshore Brazil.

The Papa Terra field was discovered in 2003 with the drilling of five wells and was declared commercial 2 years later. It is estimated that it contains 700 million to a billion barrels of oil equivalent. About 380 million barrels of oil are expected to be recovered from the field.


RMSpumptools were awarded the contract for the Papa Terra wellhead connector systems.


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  • Papa Terra wellhead connector systems—including ESP and downhole instrumentation gauge connectors
  • Both have been configured as right angle connectors - a design unique to RMSpumptools
  • Based on earlier proven designs deployed in the Gulf of Mexico and North Sea
  • Allows the 1/4 inch downhole gauge line to be field-attached to the connector


  • The power connectors have been uprated with higher current capability to handle the additional power required at the pump
  • Design, manufacture and qualification of a system which is easy to install in the field and ensures reliable operation to give maximum run life
RMSpumptools' Papa Terra oilfield connectors
RMSpumptools connectors