Through a joint venture with Singapore Technologies Marine, James Fisher Defence (now part of JFD) provides the Republic of Singapore Navy with a complete submarine rescue capability. 

MV Swift Rescue is the world’s first and only commercially-owned and operated mothership dedicated to submarine escape, rescue and salvage. The vessel and James Fisher Defence personnel are on call, year round, to support disabled submarines and recovery works throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 

Swift Rescue carries a James Fisher Defence-built DSAR Class submarine rescue vehicle, a 44 man decompression system, and a 1000 metres capable remotely operated vehicle system (ROV). These submarine rescue assets are operated and maintained at a constant state of readiness by James Fisher Defence, providing the Singapore Navy with a permanently mobilised submarine escape and rescue service until 2029. 


James Fisher Defence signs 25-year agreement to provide the Republic of Singapore Navy with a complete submarine rescue capability.

Republic of Singapore Navy

Services provided:
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Contract for capability
Benefits delivered:
  • Contractor-owned, contractor-operated agreement with guaranteed availability rates
  • JFD responsible for on-going operation, maintenance and classification-surveys
  • Qualified and experienced in-country personnel provided by James Fisher Defence
  • Access to surge personnel from James Fisher Defence’s international pool of operators, maintainers and engineering team

Download the Submarine rescue capability for Singapore Navy case study.