The NATO Submarine Rescue System is at the forefront of submarine rescue technology.

JFD is the recognised world leader in the provision of submarine rescue and support services.

The company has been at the heart of the NATO submarine rescue system since it came into service in 2008 as both operator and equipment manufacturer.  

The challenge:

To ensure the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) is in a permanent state of readiness, able to be utilised at a moment’s notice by the NATO partner nations of France, Norway and the UK, which jointly own the system, JFD undertakes regular exercises alongside NATO.

The regular exercises encompassed the entire NSRS IROV mobilisation process, including road transportation. NSRS is rapidly mobilised and transported by air or road transport, with deployment time on a MOSHIP is dramatically reduced by the system’s innovative fly-by-wire remote control system.

The exercises require JFD to demonstrate the NSRS’ full IROV capabilities, while maintaining the highest training and safety standards. Underpinning this capability is the training of additional personnel from JFD’s global pool of operators, which demonstrate the breadth and depth of suitably qualified and experienced operators that JFD can call upon.

Divex (now part of JFD) delivered the transfer under pressure (TUP) element of the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS).



Services provided:
  • Design and build of 72 man recompression facility and TUP
  • Design and installation of automated control system
  • Provision of life support equipment
  • Full commissioning of NSRS
Benefits delivered:
  • World's premier submarine decompression facility
  • Full air mobility
  • Simple and rapid deployment

Download the NATO Submarine Rescue System case study.