James Fisher Defence mobilises the entire James Fisher Submarine Rescue System from Scotland to Western Australia in order to provide a complete submarine rescue capability. 

In 2008 the JFSRS was relocated from Scotland to Australia as part of James Fisher Defence’s contract to provide the Royal Australian Navy with a complete submarine rescue capability. 

Working with the Royal Australian Air Force and commercial carriers, the JFSRS was mobilised to a new James Fisher Defence engineering and support base in Western Australia, the first time such a system has been mobilised internationally. 

In order to safely transport the LR5 submarine rescue vehicle by RAAF C17, James Fisher Defence provided a custom air freight crate. The air freight crate provides ease of handling, protection for the vehicle, and the necessary tie-down points for commercial and military aircraft. 

James Fisher Defence transported LR5’s launch and recovery system by a commercial Boeing 747 cargo aircraft, whilst the remaining non-critical equipment travelled as sea freight. Importantly, the mobilisation and reinstatement at the new facility was completed without compromise to the availability of the rescue assets. 

James Fisher Defence, now part of JFD, has vast experience of mobilising equipment and personnel internationally and at short notice. Previously, it has provided customers with specialist transport packaging to enable the safe transport of sensitive equipment, gasses and hazardous materials by air. 

Royal Australian Navy

Services provided:

  • Equipment mobilisation
  • Transport packaging design and manufacture

Benefits delivered:

  • Zero rescue-system downtime during mobilisation
  • First international mobilisation of entire rescue spread
  • Complete submarine rescue capability provision

Download the Air mobilisation of James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service case study.