James Fisher's priority is the health, safety and general wellbeing and welfare of our employees and all those impacted by our activities.

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James Fisher works in challenging, high-risk environments to solve complex problems, and health and safety is our top priority

Looking after our people, including those who work with us and those impacted by our diverse activities, is vital and we recognise our responsibility to protect the environment for the benefit of all. 

We aim to ensure healthy and safe working practices and systems are conducted in a working environment where safety is the priority.

Ongoing training and awareness campaigns ensure health and safety stays at the forefront of employees’ minds, and empowers them to voice any concerns.

We’re proud of our strong safety culture, but recognise that there is inherent risk associated with what we do. The sharing of incidents, near-misses, investigations and best practices throughout the group is a powerful means of increasing awareness and providing fresh insight and thinking, and we’re committed towards continuous improvement in health, safety and welfare to achieve our goal of zero incidents.

Working in challenging, high-risk environments to solve complex problems.

Goal-zero vision

We want people to return home to their families and friends everyday, which is the inspiration for our “goal zero” incidents vision.

To realise this vision we must embed the right mindset and will invest our efforts in three key areas:

  • Policy development
  • Education
  • Engagement

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Two keen fitness enthusiasts embarked on a gruelling challenge earlier this month, cycling/rowing/running the 566 miles from their local gym in Hartlepool to the Eiffel Tower to raise funds for Great Ormand Street Hospital.


A healthy workforce is more resourceful, productive, innovative, motivated and committed.

We aim to provide a physically and mentally healthy workplace within which our employees can thrive by prioritising wellbeing, career and personal development, and have drawn on industry-leading expertise and best practices to design our employee wellbeing plan.

We have also established a mental health first aid training programme and now have over 80 mental health first aiders (MHFA) across the business, and are continuing to train more volunteers. Further education, awareness, training and sensitisation is required to encourage employee participation and minimise the risk of associated stigma. We have also set a target to train 50 percent of the MHFA population in suicide first aid by year-end 2022.

James Fisher Crew stood by, and on, the Mersey Fisher vessel
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