Why innovation is important

In our 175-year history, we have differentiated ourselves through innovation and technology. We are pioneers in our chosen markets, emerging as the global leader in submarine rescue, removal of offshore unexploded ordnance (UXO) and Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer. 

We were the first to decommission a Magnox nuclear reactor, are experts in high voltage (HV) engineering, and we design bespoke digital solutions for asset owners and operators in high risk, critical infrastructure sectors.

The energy, marine, and defence markets are going through a period of transformation, galvanised by climate change, energy transition, and other macro challenges. To position ourselves for success and take advantage of the opportunities that result from this transformation, we must continue to innovate.

Our innovation goal is value creation – to deliver tangible revenue gains and cost savings for our customers.

We consistently strive to better understand market challenges, articulating the value we can, and do, create by:

  • Tapping into the brain power and expertise of our capable people to feed the innovation stream
  • Partnering with customers and key industry players to co-design, develop, and commercialise cutting-edge solutions to industry challenges
  • Engaging our suppliers to ensure services are provided in accordance with our valued behaviours and code of conduct.


To improve efficiencies and accelerate pace, we aim to centrally facilitate and support innovation efforts to better identify synergy opportunities, particularly where multiple operating companies serve the same markets, customers, and suppliers, or operate in the same region.

Progress in 2023

We recognise innovation is a critical element for sustainable growth enabling the Group to meet our current customer expectations, enhance our contribution to help customers meet their own sustainability ambitions, and to optimise new opportunities.

Chief Digital Officer and Chief Technology Officer roles were created, and appointments made in October 2023 and January 2024.

The appointments provide an exciting opportunity for us to build key partnerships with customers, suppliers and technology institutes and plays a critical role in our climate transition.

Various client engagement meetings took place in 2023 to discuss how we can support and work together, resulting in service innovation work with some of our key customers.

How we will deliver against targets

With focus on client value creation, energy transition and harnessing the blue economy we are driving innovation and R&D at James Fisher via digital transformation and New Product Development (NPD).

During 2024 we plan to:

  • Combine our deep industry expertise with strategic digital partners to co-develop new products and services and drive client value creation 
  • Build out skills around Core Technology; autonomy, IOT (Internet of Things), workflow optimisation and digital twin, to create new client value and drive operational efficiencies
  • Develop and test robust NPD processes providing consistency, transparency and accountability 
  • Develop an innovation pipeline across the Group with prioritised portfolio choices for each of our Product Lines
Abu Dhabi's NMDC Group and James Fisher partnership
Partnership pillar

James Fisher operates in specialised segments of the energy, marine and defence markets where a strong track record of safety, integrity, innovation and responsible operations is a key differentiator. Find our more about our commitments to our partnerships.