Why customer engagement is important

Responsiveness to customers’ current needs and anticipation of their future pain points is critical to how James Fisher product lines build strong, trust-based relationships.

Our culture of shared success means we seek out collaborations with customers that align with our values and contribute to a shared vision for a sustainable future.

By working closely with our customers, to fully understand the requirements and challenges faced, we are able to draw on our specialist skills to create bespoke solutions that solve complex industry challenges.

Our customers

At James Fisher we recognise the importance of working closely with our customers. We are well placed to influence and help our customers through shared ambitions and an unrivalled 175+ years of expertise spanning marine, energy and defence.

As we strive for excellence throughout the business, we are inspired and driven by our customers, collectively pioneering specialist solutions to some of the most demanding industry, operational and technical challenges around the globe.

Importantly, we share the need to ensure continuity of service, often in time-sensitive or emergency response situations, while enhancing our contribution to help customers shift their energy portfolio towards lower-carbon emissions and working collaboratively to develop our low emission products and services.

Additionally, in collaboration with our Project Management Office, we are working towards Group-wide standardisation of our customer feedback approach.

Looking Ahead

We are seeing increased value in Asia Pacific for Offshore wind solutions, and market demands and pressures driving sustainable change. James Fisher is already able to support and provide solutions to the market such as electric compressors vs. diesel operated, and we are continuing to build on this.

The Group's new customer feedback process will roll out in 2024 as part of a transformed order to cash framework in development. Additionally, our CRM systems and processes are undergoing standardisation which will better serve our customers.

We are working towards the implementation of Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a performance indicator across the Group. Currently data capture is inconsistent which we are addressing.

Abu Dhabi's NMDC Group and James Fisher partnership
Partnership pillar

James Fisher operates in specialised segments of the energy, marine and defence markets where a strong track record of safety, integrity, innovation and responsible operations is a key differentiator. Find our more about our commitments to our partnerships.