Health and safety is James Fisher's top priority and we actively strive for the continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace.

Our overarching goal remains to maintain the health and safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers and customers at all times.

The nature of our operations means that we frequently face hazards and harsh environments for which we are well prepared, trained and equipped. The work we have done in coordinating health and safety statistics, incident information and best practice is beginning to yield results in reducing the number of incidents, and, crucially, in further strengthening our safety culture.

However, the most significant challenges to our goal remain the more human aspects of complacency, routine, familiarity and distraction. These are inherently more difficult to address, requiring active participation and personal engagement to assess and act on potential threats to individuals and those around them.

In response we have launched a group-wide awareness campaign with the aim of bringing health and safety to the forefront of employees’ minds and making it relatable to their specific job role and work environment, whilst equipping people with the ability to identify hazards and empowering them to voice concerns and to take the appropriate action regardless of seniority.

These measures, in addition to enhanced training of existing employees and as part of the on-boarding process for new hires, will further reinforce our commitment to health and safety and will strengthen its foundation in our culture.

James Fisher receives praise for its five month UXO campaign at at the new build nuclear power station project.
James Fisher diver

Health and safety governance

The ultimate responsibility for health and safety, and the environment rests with the group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Board members, and the Executive team. This responsibility is cascaded through the organisation via divisional / regional managing directors (MDs) and their leadership teams.

The group’s health, safety and security priorities, objectives, and performance monitoring are coordinated and governed by:

  • The Health and Safety Committee: Chaired by the CEO and comprising the Executive Team, the committee has oversight and conducts quarterly reviews of the Group’s health, safety and security performance
  • The Safety Forum: Comprising the health and safety leaders from each operating company, the forum is responsible for providing updates on health, safety and security issues and events, sharing best practices, and advising the Health and Safety Committee on Groupwide initiatives to improve performance.

Through the efforts of the Health and Safety Committee and the Safety Forum, we will empower our people to prioritise their own health, safety, and security, ensure the safety and security of assets we own and / or control, and engage with customers, suppliers, and other partners to align them with our policies, standards, processes, and values.

Award recognises JFMS's investment in people, infrastructure and the local supply chain in the East of England.

2021 HSE performance

During 2021, although there have been no fatalities, there continue to be incidents, including a number of high potential near misses, which point at the ongoing need for vigilance and increased focus on health and safety.

Executive management continues to increase the level of awareness and focus on HSE, and the group Safety Forum is successfully sharing best practice, improving root cause analysis and sharing incident learnings amongst the group’s HSEQ specialists.

A new health and safety initiative called “Look, Think, Act” is due to be launched imminently to communicate the level of required focus and the need to avoid complacency in this vital area.

James Fisher wraps up important diving activity for an international oil and gas exploration and production company, Premier Oil UK.

Reducing our environmental impact

James Fisher aims to directly engage all stakeholders and increase coordination of activities across the group to have a net positive impact on the environment, tackle climate change, improve health and wellbeing, responsibly consume materials and energy resources, reduce inequality, contribute to economic growth and champion a low-carbon economy.

The group takes its responsibility to protect the environment for the benefit of all seriously, and is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities, the consumption of raw materials and the production of waste.

This is supported by the Sustainability Committee, and by the environmental working group, with representation from across the group.

We are transforming and refocusing our business to ensure our impact on the environment is net positive, and we aim to enable our stakeholders to do the same, by upholding responsible business practices, such as:

  • Assessing and quantifying the impact of our operations on the environment
  • Developing and implementing plans to conduct our operations more responsibly, identifying opportunities to improve
  • Advocating for the environment where we operate and engaging in preservation / restoration initiatives
Offshore renewables
James Fisher rebrands its French subsidiary Mojo Maritime to James Fisher Renouvelables, supporting local investment and increasing local content.
Our environmental commitments and priorities

Find out how we aim to minimise the environmental impact of our operational footprint and the nature of the activities we undertake while actively investing in supporting the energy transition.

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ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) contracted JFMS to deliver an integrated marine services package during the construction of its East Anglia ONE (EA1) windfarm.
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