The Board is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance and to ensuring that values and behaviours are consistent across the Group. Download the latest corporate governance report. 

Statement of compliance

The Board is accountable to shareholders for maintaining high standards of corporate governance and for ensuring that values and behaviours are consistent across the Group. The Board confirms that, without exception, the Company complied with all relevant provisions of the Code throughout the year ended 31 December 2018 and following disclosures provide a detailed description of how the Company has complied with the principals set out in the Code in the 2018 financial year.


The Company recognises the benefit of having a diverse workforce, and is committed to building and sustaining inclusivity and diversity throughout the Group. Alongside the Group's Diversity Policy (see link below) which applies to the whole Group, the Company has established its own approach to achieving similar diversity and inclusivity on the Board in the Board Diversity Policy. This should not be a “one and done” approach but is something the Board will continue to keep under review. In 2018, and up to the date of this report, the Board has:

  • Reviewed and updated the Group’s diversity policy
  • Created and published the Board’s own diversity policy, setting out its commitment, including in its own composition.

  • Approved the publication of the Group’s gender pay gap information.