Our valued behaviours

Integral to our purpose, our valued behaviours help propel the business forward.

These values are a set of guiding behaviours that help to align, motivate and promote actions and behaviours that support the success of both individuals and the company.

James Fisher's shared purpose and valued behaviours drives its success.

We have a long and proud heritage of innovation and endeavour, delivering unique solutions to some of the most demanding operational and technical challenges around the globe. ​ 

In partnership with our customers, we tackle the toughest problems, ​delivering energy safely and reliably, developing life-saving equipment and securing ​critical infrastructure on land and at sea, all in support of a sustainable future.A diverse group of businesses and people, we are united by our shared purpose, and our valued behaviours which guide how we work with each other and with our stakeholders.​We aspire to be an exceptional place to work; have fair and trusted relationships with customers and suppliers; support communities to grow; protect and restore the environment; ​and generate sustainable returns for investors.
James Fisher and Sons PLC purpose statement infographic.

Our shared purpose

Pioneering safe and trusted solutions to complex problems in harsh environments, to create a sustainable future.

Our purpose defines why we exist and how we create value for all our stakeholders.

The key pillars of our purpose are:

  • Being entrepreneurial is in our DNA and our heritage 
  • We are a group of niche businesses working at the leading edge 
  • Safety is at the forefront of everything we do and underpins our reputation for quality 
  • Our stakeholders trust and rely on us to deliver consistent results 
  • Our specialism is solving complex challenges and operating in highly difficult environments 
  • The reason we exist, and the intended outcome of our work, is a sustainable world where all our stakeholders succeed 
  • We work with our customers to improve the status quo, and to support the transition to a cleaner, safer world

How our employees live our valued behaviours

We are continuously inspired by how our people are driven by our valued behaviours, professionally and personally.

In embodying these traits daily, our people repeatedly strengthen what it means to have pioneering spirit, integrity, energy and resilience. 

Watch the video below to find out how our valued behaviours are embodied by our people.

A diver working for James Fisher subsidiary group, SM Continental
Find out how our sustainability strategy was guided by our purpose.