James Fisher's standard selection process.

Depending on the role you are applying for, the application process may vary, however, the following stages will be applicable to most of our roles at James Fisher:

We are committed to ensuring that James Fisher is a rewarding place to work, to enable us to harness the potential of our pioneering employees.


Search our current vacancies and apply online.

All our vacancies are searchable by employment category, group company and location in order to help you filter your search results. Key responsibilities and requirements for each particular vacancy are provided to help inform your application.

Attach your CV and answer all process questions including salary expectations and role specific questions. We can only accept one attached document, if you have a covering letter, please add this as one attachment with your CV. Your application may be subject to security clearance. 

Reviewing our code of ethics


At the interview stage we aim to find out more about you as a person and to assess your previous work experience.

As such, we will discuss your range of abilities looking at how you demonstrate specific skills and our company valued behaviours. Not only is this an opportunity for us to get to understand you as an individual, but for you to decide whether the role and organisation are right for you.

Before you attend the interview, you will be advised if any additional preparation is required such as presentations, examples of work or manual assessments on the day. Come prepared with a list of questions to ask us to help you make this decision and also review our website to learn more about us.

Additional assessments

By this stage we would hope you have a good feel for who we are at James Fisher as well as a good understanding of the role and responsibilities you would be undertaking.

Where applicable, the final stage of the application process may comprise a secondary interview focusing in detail on your technical skills and previous work experience. During this interview you may also have the opportunity to meet the people you would work alongside if your application is successful.

In selected cases, certain positions may require you to complete a role-related task as an alternative or additional method of assessing competency. Details will be provided where this is applicable.

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