At James Fisher, we have a responsibility to our people, our customers and those in the communities where we operate.

James Fisher is committed to ensuring that the group is a great place to work by providing safe and meaningful work, empowering, and supporting our employees to deliver optimal quality for our customers, acknowledging and rewarding employee contribution to the group’s success, and promoting employee wellbeing.

We extend this commitment to our local communities, conscious that our talent pool is fed by the local communities we operate in and that enhancing the lives of people in these communities will deliver benefits for James Fisher as well.

Our key people priorities

Our aim is to attract, develop, and retain a high performing workforce, and enhance people’s lives by ensuring equal access to opportunities, providing purposeful and safe work, and promoting our core values where we operate. 

Our employees are our most important assets.

Top talent

James Fisher's employees are our most important assets. United by a common purpose and shared valued behaviours, their talents, energy and dedication enable us to create value for all our stakeholders.

With James Fisher operations spread across six continents, our people are geographically dispersed and represent a multitude of cultures.

While our decentralised and entrepreneurial culture ensures our businesses develop more intimate customer relationships and adapt readily to changes in the markets, regions, and communities where we operate, there is a risk that employees become disconnected from the group’s leadership and overarching vision. Therefore, we must focus on building a healthy and engaging work environment, prioritising our employees’ wellbeing, career, and personal development to ensure that we get the best out of them and that their efforts are in line with the group’s growth priorities.

Progress in 2021

During 2021, we focused our efforts on implementing and driving change across three themes:

  1. Employee engagement
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Talent management

How we will deliver against targets

We will focus our continued efforts on driving improvements in talent management by:

  1. Applying a top-down approach - leading by example
  2. Engaging and communicating consistently
  3. Upgrading internal learning programmes

Diversity and inclusion

James Fisher operates in 25 countries across the world, in complex, high-risk, historically male-dominated fields. In alignment with our values, we believe that equality, diversity and inclusion are critical to how we operate.

Our mission is to cultivate a working environment where everyone knows they belong, where our people are comfortable with sharing their perspectives and experiences without fear of recrimination, uniqueness is embraced, and equal pay and access to opportunity exist for people of all backgrounds, personalities and abilities. With a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment, we are better able to harness the wealth of ideas that will drive our success.

Our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion extends beyond our own workforce. We aim to benefit and positively influence the communities where we live and work through proactive engagement, employing local people, contributing to local economies, and investing in local supply chains.

Progress on diversity and inclusion in 2021

During 2021, we focused our efforts on implementing and driving change across four themes:

  1. Diversity metrics
  2. Training and policy
  3. Partnerships
  4. Local community efforts

How we will deliver against targets

We will focus our continued efforts on driving an inclusive and diverse work environment by:

  1. Scaling up recruitment efforts
  2. Reinforcing internal processes
  3. Extending diversity and inclusion training
  4. Centralising coordination of local community efforts
Personal protective equipment, mask, bump hat, ear defenders, glasses and gloves.

Health, safety and security

We work in challenging, high-risk environments to solve complex problems. Protecting our people, the people who work with us and those impacted by our activities is vital.

We want people to return to their homes, families, and friends every day and safely. This is the inspiration for our “goal zero” incidents vision. To embed the right mindset and realise this vision, we will invest our efforts in three areas: policy development, education, and engagement.

The group’s health, safety and security priorities, objectives, and performance monitoring are coordinated and governed by:

  • The health and safety committee
  • The safety forum

Through these efforts we will empower our people to prioritise their own health, safety and security, ensure the safety and security of assets we own and/or control, and engage with customers, suppliers, and other partners to align them with our policies, standards, processes, and values.

Progress on health, safety and security in 2021

During 2021, we focused our efforts on implementing and driving change across two key themes:

  1. Engagement and empowerment
  2. Process and improvement

How we will deliver against targets

During 2022, we aim to deploy a centralised, cloud-based health, safety and security reporting tool that will enable continuous reporting of individual operating company performance data and the monitoring of consolidated group information. We will explore opportunities where digital applications and solutions can improve efficiencies and continue to upgrade reporting, management, and monitoring systems across the group where necessary.

We will ensure that the relevant policies, including the Health, Safety and Security policy, are aligned with our sustainability priorities and continue to educate, inform, and engage employees, customers, suppliers and other industry partners on safety matters.

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Planet pillar

As many of our businesses operate within the energy value chain, we will continue to grow our capabilities to mitigate our impact on the planet.