Our strategy

The Group’s strategy is to grow its business organically by leveraging its existing marine skill base in areas of specialist expertise to a global market and through investment in people, working capital and equipment.

This is supported by selective acquisitions to broaden the product and service range or geographical coverage. James Fisher has a range of entrepreneurially-led businesses which are market leaders in their specific operational niche. Our businesses operate in demanding environments where strong marine service and specialist engineering skills are valued and rewarded. We seek to provide solutions to our customers in the less mature and fast-growing markets where they value trusted and quality suppliers. Our niche operations are integrated into a wider service offering to a diverse range of end markets.

Our focus on operational excellence requires that our businesses:

  • are cash-generative;
  • have operating margins in excess of 10%; and
  • provide returns on capital employed in excess of 15%.

Bolt-on acquisitions broaden the range of products and services that we provide. Our acquisition strategy is focused on niche businesses with a strong entrepreneurial culture which fit well with our operating style and growth strategy. As a cash-generative Group with a strong balance sheet, businesses are usually acquired using existing cash or borrowing resources. The businesses acquired have a good track record and typically need additional resources for their next growth phase. Where an acquisition bolts on to existing businesses, we seek to optimise shared back office functions, purchasing opportunities and cross-selling within the Group.

Shareholders: to grow the return to shareholders: Communities: to be a good member of the community Employees: to bring out and develop the potential of our people: Customers: to develop and deliver solutions to our customers:
Deliver long-term growth in underlying earnings per share, dividends and return on capital employed Consider sustainability in our decision-making process Ensure the safety of all employees Develop our products, service and geographical offering in line with customer needs
Grow organically by leveraging existing specialist marine skill base to a global market Support the communities around us Develop individual and organisational excellence Respond rapidly to changing customer requirements
Expand our footprint and capabilities through bolt-on acquisitions Minimise any adverse impact from our operations Support new ideas and innovation Provide good value and a high level of service to customers