Our Tankships reporting division

James Fisher's Tankships Division operates a fleet of product and chemical tankers which trade along the UK and northern European coastline.

Our fleet of tankers carry clean petroleum products and chemicals including increasing volumes of biofuels from refineries and terminals, to major coastal storage facilities. The division also operates a port in Plymouth, UK.

Tankships Division results

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Underlying operating profit (£m - before adjusting items)



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2022 Divisional performance:

The Tankships business has recovered well in 2022. The fleet has been highly utilised at an average of 88% over the course of the year (2021: 83%) and spot rates for shorter-term charters have been high even when compared to pre-pandemic rates. During 2022 34% (2021: 23%) of the fleet was deployed on short-term spot voyages, with 66% (2021:77%) contracted to longer-term charters.

The delivery of our two new dual-fuel (marine gasoil and LNG) vessels has now been completed, with The Sir John Fisher delivered in November 2022 and The Lady Maria Fisher delivered in January 2023. Both have now completed their first voyages and have joined the UK-based fleet. These new vessels were commissioned as part of our fleet renewal strategy and replace two tankers that have reached end of life. One was sold in 2022, generating a £0.9m profit on sale and the second is expected to be sold in 2023.

The recent recovery in the market has led to a £0.3m reversal of an impairment recognised in 2021 against the carrying value of this second vessel. The profit on sale of £0.9m and impairment reversal of £0.3m have been shown as adjusting items in the year.

Cattedown Wharves, which serves the South-West of England, performed well, with volumes of cargoes flowing through the port in line with pre-pandemic levels.

The businesses within the Tankships financial reporting division

CWL Aerial 2010

Cattedown Wharves

Cattedown Wharves is a port in Plymouth which provides berthing and marine services to the oil majors which own tank farms in Plymouth.

It also handles dry cargoes such as animal feed being imported into the South West and clay being exported from the region. The primary driver for the business is the level of consumption of clean oil products within the South West region of the UK.

JFE distributes clean petroleum products and chemicals on the Cumbrian Fisher

James Fisher Everard

Distributes clean petroleum products and chemicals under contracts with primarily oil majors around the European coast and to islands and ports with size restricted access.

It operates a fleet of double-hulled product and chemical tankers with capacity ranging from 3,000mt to 35,000mt. The business driver is the level of consumption of clean products (petrol, diesel, gasoil and kerosene) and chemical/biofuels in the UK, Ireland and northern Europe. Products carried serve the marine, transport, agriculture, aviation and chemical industries.

JFSS provides technical vessel and crew management to the James Fisher fleet of tankers, Clyde Fisher

James Fisher Shipping Services

Provides technical vessel and crew management to the James Fisher fleet of tankers, as well as to the wider tanker, research and specialised vessel markets.

ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) contracted JFMS to deliver an integrated marine services package during the construction of its East Anglia ONE (EA1) windfarm.
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