James Fisher Subtech deploys specialist technical marine support and is a trusted partner for critical expertise in safe, efficient, and effective delivery.

James Fisher Subtech deploys specialist technical marine support for projects and services supporting construction, civil works, O&M, and decommissioning activities for the renewables, oil and gas, and salvage markets globally.

Where operations necessitate technically complex project scopes in harsh environments, James Fisher Subtech (JF Subtech) is the trusted partner for critical expertise in safe, efficient and effective delivery, providing value to clients across project and asset lifecycles.

In 2021, JF Subtech was launched to consolidate James Fisher’s extensive capabilities into a comprehensive solutions provider with specialist expertise in extreme environments.

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JF Subtech has recently completed an extensive nitrox diving project with divers deployed from temporary facilities installed on our Balmoral FPV.

The project was well-planned, professionally managed and safely executed. Completion of the scope has allowed us to extend the life of the facility, resolve a number of operational issues and obtain valuable inspection data for ongoing integrity management.

Gordon Laurenson, subsea operations manager at Premier Oil (2021)Provision of nitrox diving spread at Balmoral FPV
James Fisher acquires Subtech Group, a South African based marine and subsea service provider.
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