James Fisher Strainstall is a leader in the development of innovative monitoring solutions to enhance the safety and performance of your assets.

James Fisher Strainstall specialises in structural health monitoring solutions that deliver increased efficiencies and reduced costs for your critical infrastructure, enabling effective decision-making.

JF Strainstall is a world leader in the development of innovative structural monitoring solutions to enhance the safety and performance of assets, providing real financial benefits through the superior and timely information gathered on your asset's condition.

The ability to gather such data allows for a more targeted approach to asset maintenance which in turn enables more effective budget planning. With an engineering team that has acquired an international reputation for work in strain gauge-based technology, we provide structural health monitoring, dynamic and static load testing of bridges and structures, stress measurement, fatigue life and crack movement monitoring, as well as geotechnical monitoring for construction projects worldwide.

Our instrumentation and software systems capture and analyse data on parameters such as strain, displacement, inclination, temperature, vibration and water levels. This provides asset owners and operators with a comprehensive and real-time overview of events, better allowing them to realise optimum performance.

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Strainstall’s quick release hooks and DockAlert™ system will provide total assurance during terminal activities.
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Sector Ports and Terminals

The equipment has supported both the safety and operational decision making process, in terms of reducing the dependence on staff to venture out on site to check the bridge during extreme weather events and it enables Wales Route Control to provide sufficient notice to Transport for Wales to manage their operations including the suspension or termination of services before the bridge is closed due to flooding.

Kevin Giles, Senior Asset Engineer, Network Rail Wales StructuresMonitoring of railway bridge over the River Dyfi for flood warning - 2021
Strainstall’s rig stability project
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On 19 December 2022 the sale of the UK-based arm of Strainstall to the BES Group was announced. For more information, please visit BES Group Asset Reliability.