Why greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is important

James Fisher is committed to minimising and possibly eliminating the detrimental impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from our operational activities.

We also recognise the importance of helping our customers reach their own net zero emissions targets and last year (2022) we made a science-based commitment to be net zero by 2050.


KPI 2023 2023 result 2025 2030 2050 BASELINE(2021)
Scope 1 and Scope 2 reduction targets 77,595 tCO2e 74,707 tCO2e -16.8% -37.8% Net zero 114,374 tOOze

Note: % reduction relative to the base year 2021.

2023 Key activities

  • Peer review conducted to understand the maturity and quality of climate-related disclosures for companies similar to James Fisher
  • Transition Gap Analysis conducted to create a roadmap of actions to develop our climate maturity. The output includes a transition maturity tool for future assessments
  • A foundational transition developed which lays the foundations for the actions we will take in 2024 to develop our transition plan and prepare for future disclosure in line with the TPT guidance
  • To further understand the origin of emissions within our products, and to start to identify emission hotspots, we undertook a product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on one of our products. The information gathered will help us to identify emissions reduction opportunities and the analysis forms part of initial steps towards a more granular approach to understanding product carbon emissions
Sustainable Development Goal 13 Climate Action

2024 Key planned activities

Net zero and climate risks and opportunities:

  • Supplier engagement planning (Scope 3)
  • Review target pathways and underpinning assumptions
  • Transition planning activities including development of roadmap to close gaps identified through the gap analysis conducted in 2023, stakeholder engagement strategy and defining management and monitoring

Carbon management

We are preparing to mature our processes through:

  • Establishing a base year recalculation policy for the Group which clearly articulates the basis and context for any recalculations
  • Formalising our GHG inventory management procedures and guidelines through a Group Inventory Management Procedure
  • Preparing for future assurance of GHG emissions data


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