Strainstall's wireless load monitoring solution enables Mammoet to safely and efficiently transport 60 heavy-duty petrochemical modules within a demanding timeframe.

The challenge

Heavy lifting and transportation specialist, Mammoet, required a load monitoring solution to support the transit of 60 modules – weighing between 30 and 175 tonnes – for a major furnace shipment project in Maine, U.S. As part of its commitment to health and safety, the company searched at length for a solution that could accurately verify the weight of each module to ensure that they were loaded and shipped without incident. The company also identified wireless technology as a core requirement for this solution to address potential trip hazards and reduce system set-up time.

Recognising the company’s load monitoring experience, Mammoet turned to Strainstall to develop and supply a solution that answered the project’s safety and delivery demands.

The solution

In response to Mammoet’s requirements, Strainstall specified, developed, manufactured, and delivered 25 COG (centre of gravity) load cells from its UK engineering facility. These provided highly accurate load monitoring data in real-time, while being rated to 200% of load – which safely accommodated the potential loads exerted by each module. The technology’s wireless design mitigated the risk of slips, trips and falls, helping Mammoet to protect its onsite personnel throughout all stages of the weighing process.

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Strainstall also supplied software to provide a turnkey solution for the heavy lifting specialists. Custom-made by its in-house software engineers, this enabled the load cell technology’s quick and seamless integration into Mammoet’s pre-existing configuration.
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From start to finish, Strainstall was professional, responsive and highly capable. Having never used wireless load cells before, we were pleased that this technology was able to deliver time savings that played an important role in project’s on-time completion. We were also impressed with its team’s flexibility in meeting our implementation requirements, as well as with the overall accuracy and reliability of its solution.

Tjitske van Schelven, Project Engineer, Mammoet USA

The results

Strainstall’s wireless load monitoring solution proved to be integral to the successful completion of Mammoet’s furnace shipment project, which was finalised ahead of schedule, on budget, and without incident. By negating the need for individual cable arrangement, the technology’s wireless capability enabled its team to significantly reduce set-up time when fitting the load cells to each of the module’s 20 supporting legs. This de-risked overrun to the project’s demanding 10-month timeframe – which included the transportation of the modules through 18 separate barge shipments. Mammoet was also impressed with the technology’s accuracy, reliability and simplicity, as well Strainstall’s response time.

Today, Mammoet continues to deploy this load monitoring solution to weigh modules for similar projects, and the company has expressed that it is keen to collaborate with Strainstall again in the future.

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