Forging the way ahead

Our 3Rs roadmap will address strategic and operational challenges


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A purpose-led and values-driven journey



Business model

We are focused on market segments where our responsive, niche and entrepreneurial businesses can deploy innovative products and services that create superior value whilst attaining the highest standards of safety, efficiency, environmental performance, regulatory compliance and ethical standards. Our customers are predominantly large multinational corporations, governments and other high assurance counterparties.

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The key element at the core of James Fisher is our people. Our decentralised and entrepreneurial culture encourages personal accountability and development through an understanding of customers' needs, overcoming the unique challenges of the environments in which we operate and supporting development and deployment of unique solutions focused on value creation for all our stakeholders through rapid decision making.


The Group's strategy is to grow organically through leveraging its existing skill, technology and asset base in areas of specialist expertise and through investment in people, working capital and equipment.

This is supported by selective acquisitions that expand the product or service offering or extend geographical coverage to strenthen our value proposition. James Fisher has a number of entrepreneurially-led businesses which hold leading positions in their specific operational niche and which are supported and encouraged to pursue new opportunities. Our businesses operate in harsh and challenging environments where our specialist expertise in solving complex problems in response to customer needs is highly valued and rewarded. We pursue opportunities in market segments and geographies that are less mature and fast growing where our track record in delivering safe and trusted solutions provides assurance to our customers. Our niche capabilities create further possibilities to pursue adjacent market sectors and exploit integration opportunities to increase the value we create.


"Our strategy for sustainable growth is underway"

Robin Stopford, Head of corporate development and MD of DDS