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SEAL swimmer delivery vehicle

SEAL pod swimmer delivery vehicles facilitating the extraction and insertion of Special Operations forces and equipment.

The SEAL swimmer delivery vehicles allow for greater stand-off from submarines and surface ships and have further application in the maritime littoral space – such as counter-terrorism, specialist maritime operations, counter-narcotics, mine countermeasures and maritime protection operations. Vehicles are surface or subsurface craft and are specially optimised for particular deployment methods.

A joint Swedish/British offering as part of James Fisher Defence Sweden, development and testing have been undertaken in the Stockholm archipelago and the waters off the west coast of Scotland, amongst other locations.

SEAL carriers are capable of covering large distances at high speed and are primarily deployed from a surface vessel.

To remain undetected during the approach, the vehicle may submerge. With a water jet and on board diesel engine, these vehicles transit at up to 30kts. Advanced Lithium Polymer batteries and thrusters deliver the submerged propulsion.

Sub SEALs remain completely submerged during their mission, and are primarily deployed from a host submarine carrying personnel and equipment.

A vectored-thruster arrangement coupled with Lithium Polymer batteries provides the power, and means minimal noise signature.

Torpedo SEALs are cost-effective, rapidly deployable and simple to operate. They can be deployed from any surface vessel, or from a host submarine’s torpedo tube.

It can be stowed beneath the outer casing of the submarine, or can be easily stowed within the multi-purpose tubes being integrated into future submarine designs.

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