Launch and recovery systems


James Fisher has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and deployment of launch and recovery systems.

As well as supplying the necessary equipment such as winches, A-frames and powerpacks, we also offer the required training to launch and recovery system (LARS) operators, utilising our experience in both diver-led and diverless recovery systems.

Our diving and ROV division owns a number of fully mobile LARS housed in 20ft transport containers. Divers LARS can carry an onboard breathing air supply so as to offer an immediate safe haven for deeper water works or for whenever a free accent is not possible.

Our defence division has developed a history of safe launch and recovery operations involving submarine rescue vehicles, ROVs and rescue bells. Fully capable and portable systems have been provided for submarine rescue vehicles that can be operated in up to sea-state 5.

We are also able to undertake repairs on clients’ existing frames. Our workshop technicians are experienced with a proven track record in LARS commissioning, trouble-shooting and overall maintenance.

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Launch and recovery systems