Dive equipment

James Fisher’s diving equipment divisions are recognised as industry leaders in the design, supply and manufacture of diving and subsea equipment.

We provide an extensive range of underwater products as well as consultancy services, feasibility studies and training for the offshore, inshore and onshore commercial diving, defence diving, submarine rescue, hyperbaric medical and renewable energy industries. Additionally, we can supply offshore diving technicians to support equipment maintenance, testing and operational requirements.

We are active industry contributors with memberships of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Association of Diving Contractors International (ADC International) and Association of Diving Contractors (ADC).

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Our equipment and systems are built to required international standards and tailored to clients’ precise needs, supporting safer and more economic diving operations. All items are IMCA compliant and are supplied with full certification packages. Equipment includes, but is not limited to:
  • Deployment systems
  • Decompression systems
  • Dive control units
  • Diver hot water
  • Launch and recovery systems (LARS)
  • Helmets, masks and SCUBA
  • SCUBA replacement systems
  • Kinergetics environmental control equipment
  • Gas reclaim equipment
  • Compressors, panels and umbilicals
  • Diving suits and accessories

James Fisher has a long pedigree in the design and manufacture of saturation diving systems. We have made several key technological advances that have significantly increased system efficiency for operators and safety and comfort for the divers.

Key technological advances have included:

  • Greatly enhanced living areas for the divers
  • Enhanced Bell LARS employing triple electric winch technology
  • Automated control rooms utilising touch-screen technology
  • Vastly improved communications and video systems

System designs are flexible and can be configured to suit a range of vessel designs and layouts. The systems can be identified in two distinct categories: integrated, typically built into a DSV during construction, and modular, designed to be deck-deployed on existing work vessels and can be quickly removed and re-installed on other vessels.

Defence diving encompasses a diverse range of diving disciplines that have been adapted to the specific requirement of this exacting industry. These range from saturation diving, submarine rescue and mine disposal to special forces combat swimming. Each discipline requires mission specific life support systems, ancillary equipment and training.

James Fisher provides a diverse range of ancillary diving items to support diving operations in all industries. Equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Communications
  • Lighting
  • Gauges
  • Cutting, welding and diver tools
  • Camera and TV systems
  • Dive monitoring systems
  • Gas storage cylinders
  • DP alarm system
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Dive equipment