Submarine escape training tower


James Fisher’s mobile submarine escape training tower delivers enhanced deep escape training service, providing a cost-effective solution for continual training.

The mobile submarine escape training tower (MSETT) is a self-contained unit that provides realistic replication of cold water escapes, by replicating the marine environment to crews on land, and is customisable to match to clients' submarine escape towers. Use of lower pressures in operation and the capability to drain the system in a matter of seconds if an accident occurs make our systems much safer than conventional fixed submarine escape training towers.

We provide a fully transportable training facility with the tower being built inside a single 40ft ISO container, enabling ease of transportation by air or sea to any location. At arrival on site, the MSETT can unload and erect itself to provide a self-contained training unit complete with a 5m tank, changing rooms, gas supplies and ancillary machinery. We also offer full insurance, qualified experienced personnel, training materials, power and a classroom if necessary.

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Submarine escape training tower