James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service

The James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service is a complete, contractable submarine rescue capability, operated by JFD.

James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service (JFSRS) currently provides submarine rescue services for the Royal Australian Navy from one of JFD's international bases – in Henderson, Western Australia.

This base enables LR5 (the manned submersible, operated by James Fisher) and her equipment, including the Scorpio 45 ROV, to be maintained on 12 hours readiness, 365 days a year.

Assets of JFSRS are designed to be deployed rapidly in an emergency situation and the system provides a proven and reliable rescue capability to Royal Australian Navy personnel.

The JFSRS contract with the Royal Australian Navy also includes training activities involving submarine rescue exercises and rescue scenarios to demonstrate that the procedures and equipment are in place to rescue personnel in the event of an accident. JFSRS undertakes these exercises whilst maintaining its submarine rescue commitments.

For more information on a recent exercise undertaken by JFD read our NATO Submarine Rescue System capabilities case study which includes videos demonstrating SRV deployment, mating and transfer to a transfer under pressure system.

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James Fisher Submarine Rescue Service