Offshore pipeline services

James Fisher is strongly placed to provide fuels infrastructure support and supply equipment in many of the world’s oil and gas producing regions through our global network of bases.

We offer a wide range of specialist products and services to assist in the maintenance, construction and safe operation of pipelines and associated facilities, some of which include:

With a project-specific service, we provide cost-effective solutions for the lining of bunds; the detail of each solution and type of linings depends on the requirement.

Our fuel handling systems, which we design and manufacture, are often used in remote locations – they reduce cost, maintenance time and fuel transfer time, and almost eradicate the possibility of a fuel spillage.

We supply specialist equipment for tackling marine pollution, as well as providing maintenance packages for Mar-Pol equipment such as Desmi Ro-clean boom and skimmer systems.

We ensure our customers are fully assisted and informed throughout the process by project managing both modification and maintenance of new pipelines build projects using one of our experienced teams of engineers.

We offer pressure testing on both overland and subsea fuel lines, as well as the visual, pressure and vacuum testing of floating hose strings.

We offer specialist maintenance and overhaul services to ensure the complete upkeep of Single Point Mooring (SPM) fuel systems, including seal replacement and internal and external coatings.

We also offer full hose, valve and subsea inspection services using our team of specialist divers or full fleet of the latest remotely operated vehicles.

We offer a complete tank maintenance service from start to finish, working closely with clients and adhering to industry standards. We carry out projects for the repair and return to service of tanks which need structural repairs.

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Offshore pipeline services