Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps

James Fisher designs and manufactures a wide range of rigsafe, Zone II centrifugal pumps and Zone II positive displacement pumps for hire to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Centrifugal pumps:

Our centrifugal pumps deliver improved performance, longevity, and cost-effective operations. Our high quality bearing configuration contributes to greater life expectancy through improved stability and lower vibration.

The centrifugal pumps come in a broad range of specifications to meet a variety of needs. Simple design allows fast and easy servicing and repairs.

Our experienced sales team takes special care to ensure that the right pump is chosen for your specific application. 

Positive displacement pumps:

Our containerised Zone II pumps are typically supplied with externally mounted control panels, including all essential gauges, controls and shut down systems and Rexroth 5 speed air operated transmission control with quick neutral button.

We offer a wide range of positive displacement pumps available in various specifications – from 3,000psi to 10,000psi maximum pressure – and our extensive experience allows us to offer customers the right pump for any application.

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Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps