Compressors and breathing air systems

James Fisher is a leading manufacturer of air compressors and fully automated quality breathing air systems, providing solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

Compressors for well testing applications:

A leading manufacturer of high volume and containerised air compressor systems, we own the largest and most modern fleet of rig safe and Zone II air compressors specifically dedicated to well testing applications, on and offshore.

Our Zone II rated compressors are DNV 2.7-2 certified - the safest option for explosion mitigation. 100% containerised and high volume these compressors never exceed surface temperatures of 200°C and are supplied complete with safety shut down systems, an external control panel and external emergency stop.

Breathing air compressors:

These compressors are used globally by personnel carrying out varied tasks including sand and ultra-high pressure blasting, confined space entry and firefighting and diving personnel who are dependent upon compressed breathing air. We also provide high pressure storage banks, air treatment and testing equipment, fill panels, accessories and spare parts.

Our breathing air compressors have advanced control systems, removing CO2 and oil, to increase the level of safety and quality for operators and users.

We are also a leading supplier of Bauer mobile and stationary breathing air systems, providing a reliable source of pure breathing air for diving and firefighting tasks worldwide.

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Compressors and breathing air systems