Artificial lift

James Fisher is an established world leader in artificial lift specialist completion technology and innovative accessory tools for electrical submersible pumps.

We are able to provide complete end-to-end systems, ensuring performance with reliability through our extensive range of products and services.

The tools and systems we provide – including completion systems, mechanical products and electrical products – have evolved from a deep, practical knowledge of every aspect of artificial lift applications.

Our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with the whole range of electrical submersible pumps (ESP) operations. From concept and design, to production and delivery, through to installation and training, we provide a complete service to our customers.

Our automatic dual ESP system delivers a complete downhole system booster or back up through a simple yet pioneering arrangement of two ESPs in the same well. The dual ESP system provides a significant enhancement of well profitability. 

Our wet mateable instrumentation connectors supply a continuous electrical connection between a tubing hanger and subsea tree during artificial lift completion operations.

Our high power connector systems have two options, comprising of an individual three phase wet-mate or alternatively three single phases in a subsea structure for artificial lift completion applications.

Our subsea valve position sensors provide the exact position of a subsea value during artificial lift operations and are available in various styles and configurations as required.

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Artificial lift