Trials, training and simulation

James Fisher’s rig hall facilities have an enviable reputation in practical research and the development of operational trials, training and the simulation of hazardous environments.

We offer practical work solutions that mock up or functionally test ideas, as a more efficient and cost effective solution for design validation compared to desk-based studies and modelling.

Trials can be undertaken at our facilities which reduce project risks whilst our skills and resources can quickly implement and test any necessary modifications that need to be made.

Our design and fabrication capabilities are supported by in-house manufacturing and support services including a mechanical and an electrical workshop for minor repairs and fabrications. Rig halls also have skilled support staff including forklift truck drivers, crane operators and electrical, mechanical and CE&I technicians.

We also provide access to a reliable local supply chain for additional plant, scaffolding and other engineering materials and supplies.

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Trials, training and simulation